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AAXA Price List as of 29 May 2017

Manufacturer Part Number Description Condition Weight Res/Com Price (USD) Gov/Edu Price (USD) In Stock
KP-101-01 LED PICO POCKET LCOS PROJ 25L 960X540 MINI-HDMI MICROSD 9.59OZ New .76 $124.41 $124.41 Yes
KP-102-01 HD PICO LED PROJ 50L 720P HD 2000:1 MINI HDMI 6 OZ New .95 $163.96 $163.96 Yes
KP-200-03 P2A PICO PROJECTOR W/ BATTERY 150L WVGA ANDROID WRLS USB 8.8OZ New 1.50 $221.08 $221.08 Email
KP-250-06 11PIN AV HIGH QUALITY MHL CABLE SUP 1080P HD VIDEO/AUDIO New .20 $18.56 $18.56 Yes
KP-400-11 P3X PICO DLP PROJ 70L WVGA 1K:1 MINI HDMI USB MICRO SD 0.4LBS New 1.20 $228.95 $228.95 Yes
KP-500-03 P4-X ANDROID DLP PROJ 175L WVGA 2000:1 WRLS HDMI VGA USB 0.4LBS New 1.68 $291.69 $291.69 Yes
KP600-01 P300 PICO DLP PROJ 400L WXGA 2000:1 USB HDMI MINI-VGA 1.3LBS New 2.50 $423.28 $423.28 Yes
KP-600-02 OPTIONAL BATTERY FOR P300 PROJECTOR New .18 $19.67 $19.67 Yes
KP-650-03 P450 PRO LED PROJ 500L WXGA 2000:1 HDMI VGA 0.82LBS New 2.54 $443.20 $443.20 Yes
KP-700-01 P700 DLP PROJ 650L WXGA 2000:1 HDMI 1.37 LBS New 3.10 $474.93 $474.93 Yes
KP-700-03 P700 PRO LED HD PICO PROJ 650L WXGA HD WIFI/BT/HDMI 1.3LBS New 3.04 $496.09 $496.09 Yes
KP-800-01 P5 DLP PROJ 300L WXGA 1000:1 HDMI MINI-VGA USB 0.9LBS New 2.65 $358.58 $358.58 Yes
MP-500-01 M5 MINI DLP PROJ 900L WXGA 2000:1 HDMI 1.95 LBS New 5.00 $527.82 $527.82 Yes
MP-600-01 M6 FULL HD MICRO LED PROJ 1200L 1080P FHD HDMI VGA USB 2.5LB New 5.50 $663.07 $663.07 Email

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