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AOC Price List as of 29 May 2017

Manufacturer Part Number Description Condition Weight Res/Com Price (USD) Gov/Edu Price (USD) In Stock
AG241QG 23.8IN LED 2560X1440 1000:1 AG241QGUSB VGA 1MS SPKR VESA TILT New 19.43 $582.75 $566.54 Email
AG241QX 23.8IN LED 2560X1440 1000:1 AG241QX VGA DVI HDMI 2.0 1MS New 21.60 $415.37 $403.81 Email
AG271QG 27IN IPS DP HDMI 2560X1440 VESA 165HZ 4MS 50M:1 SPEAKERS New 22.70 $805.93 $783.51 Email
C3583FQ 35IN FULL HD 2560X1080 C3583FQ DVI MHL-HDMI 2XDISPLAY PORT 2X144HZ New 48.00 $644.75 $626.81 Email
C4008VU8 40IN LED VA CURVED PANEL 5MS 20M:1 3840X2160 VGA 2XHDMI 1XMHL New 45.20 $901.17 $875.30 Yes
E1659FWU 16IN WS 1366X768 USB FOLDABLE STAND CARRY CASE New 3.90 $118.77 $115.49 Yes
E1759FWU 17IN LCD 1600X900 E1759FWU USB 16:9 USB 3.0 CABLE CARRY CASE New 4.45 $161.18 $156.70 Email
E2050SWD 20IN LED 1600X900 20M:1 DVI-D EPEAT SILVER ENERGY STAR New 7.85 $87.24 $84.65 Email
E2060SWDA 20IN WS LED 1600X900 DVI E2060SWDA 5MS DVI SPKR EPEAT GOLD New 8.40 $90.69 $88.10 Yes
E2260SWDA 21.5IN LED 1920X1080 VGA DVI-D 5MS DCR SPEAKERS New 9.50 $107.61 $104.33 Email
E2260SWDN 21.5IN LED 20000:1 1920X1080 DVI-D 5MS EPEAT GOLD New 9.15 $96.49 $93.55 Email
E2275SWQE 21.5IN WIDE TFT/LED BACKLIGHT 20M:1 1920X1080 VGA HDMI DISPLAYPRT New 9.90 $118.24 $114.79 Email
E2425SWD 24IN WS LED 1920X1080 E2425SWD DVD-I VGA 5MS SECURITY LOCK HDCP New 10.40 $118.80 $115.17 Email
E2460SD 24IN LED 1920X1080 E2460SD VGA DVI-D 5MS ENERGY STAR New 13.15 $140.55 $136.48 Email
E2475SWJ 23.6IN FULL HD 1920X1080 20M:1 DVI-D HDMI SPEAKERS ENERGY STAR New 10.50 $134.45 $130.51 Yes
E2475SWQE 23.6IN LCD 1920X1080 E2475SWQE VGA HDMI DP 1MS New 10.80 $142.59 $138.62 Email
E2476VWM6 23.5IN VIEWABLE 1920X1080 1MS VESA 100MM 20M:1 HDMI New 10.55 $143.93 $139.45 Yes
E2727SHE 27IN LED 1920X1080 VESA 20M:1 DYNAMIC DVI-D W/HDCP HDMI New 15.25 $156.75 $156.75 Yes
E2752VH 27IN LED 1920X1080 E2752VH DVI-D HDMI 2XSPEAKERS 2MS W/HDCP New 14.90 $188.52 $183.03 Email
E2775SQ 27IN LCD 1920X1080 VGA HDMI DP 2MS SLIM BUILT-IN New 15.56 $184.75 $179.61 Yes
E719SD 17IN LED 1280X1024 5MS E-SAVER DVI-D VESA 100MM X100MM New 8.70 $105.85 $102.74 Email
E970SWN 19IN LED 1366X768 E970SWN VGA EPEAT SILVER 5MS New 5.80 $74.57 $72.15 Email
G2260VWQ6 21.5IN LED 1920X1080 G2260VWQ6 HDMI DISPLAYPORT 1MS VESA 100MM New 9.35 $137.74 $133.42 Yes
G2460FQ 24IN WIDE LED GAMING 1920X1080 144HZ 80M:1 DVI-D DUAL-LINK W/ HDCP New 12.30 $229.38 $223.00 Yes
G2460PG 24IN 3440X1440 LED IPS PANEL 70M:1 DCR HDMI DISPLAYPORT SPEAKERS New 28.00 $460.56 $447.11 Yes
G2460PQU G2460PQU 24IN WS LED 1920X1080 VGA DVI W/ HDCP USBX4 GAMING New 19.20 $267.93 $259.99 Email
G2460VQ6 24IN WIDE LED 1920X1080 1000:1 D-SUB HDMI DP GAMING MONITOR New 12.55 $195.90 $190.45 Yes
G2770PQU 27IN LED 1920X1080 G2770PQU HDMI USBX4 DVI DISPLAYPORT 1MS New 23.00 $415.37 $403.81 Yes
I1659FWUX 15.6IN LCD 1920X1080 700:1 I1659FWUX USB VGA DVI BLK 25MS VESA New 4.60 $174.03 $169.03 Email
I2267FW 22IN LED 1920X1080 I2267FW VGA DVI-D 5MS IPS PANEL ENERGY STAR New 11.20 $124.89 $121.10 Yes
I2281FWH 21.5IN WS LED 1920X1080 I2281FWH HDMI USB HDMI VGA 5MS New 9.48 $136.39 $132.60 Email
I2367FH 23IN LED 5MS HDMI 1920X1080 I2367FH ULTRA SLIM 2XSPEAKERS New 12.45 $168.28 $163.28 Yes
I2379VHE 23IN LED 1920X1080 I2379VHE HDMI 5MS DCR VGA New 11.45 $137.29 $133.15 Email
I2481FXH 23.8IN WIDE IPS 5MS 20M:1 1920X1080 VGA 2XHDMI ULTRA SLIM New 11.60 $158.71 $154.30 Email
I2769VM 27IN LED 1920X1080 I2769VM DVI-D HDMI 5MS SPKR IPS PANEL New 15.85 $200.18 $193.97 Yes
I2781FH 27IN LED 1920X1080 1000:1 I2781FH VGA 2XHDMI 4MS VESA New 18.30 $223.18 $216.97 Email
I3207VW3 32IN IPS FULL HD 1920X1080 VGA DVI-D HDMI VESA 100MM New 21.20 $285.18 $277.24 Email
Q2577PWQ 25IN LED GAMING 5MS 2560X1440 50M:1 DVI-D DUAL-LINK W/ HDCP HDMI New 19.15 $340.98 $331.49 Yes
Q2778VQE 27IN WS LCD 2560X1440 720P Q2778VQE DVI-HDCP HDMI 1MS New 16.55 $309.97 $301.35 Email
Q2781PQ 27IN LED 2560X1440 1000:1 Q2781PQ VGA HDMI DISPLAYPORT 4MS New 17.48 $384.36 $373.67 Email
Q3277FQE 32IN LED 1920X1080 20M:1 Q3277FQE VGA DP HDMI DVI 5MS New 33.60 $402.96 $391.75 Email
U2879VF 28IN LED 3840X2160 U2879VF HDMI DVI DISPLAYPORT 1MS New 16.66 $402.96 $391.75 Yes
U3477PQU 34IN 1920X1080 GAMING 80M:1 DCR 144HZ DISPLAY PORT 4XUSB HUB New 31.00 $653.19 $634.21 Yes

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